Dmitry Jemerov

Nice to meet you!

I'm Dmitry Jemerov, a software developer and linguist originally from St.Petersburg, Russia, now living in Munich, Germany.

I've spent most of my career working at JetBrains. I started as the lead developer of Omea, a now-defunct information management tool built with .NET. Then I moved to work on IntelliJ IDEA and IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs. Among other things, I was the original creator and lead developer of PyCharm.

I also spent a year at Google, working on Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Debugger and other projects related to developer tooling on Google Cloud Platform.

After I returned to JetBrains, I spent some time as the lead of the team working on the IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Kotlin, and then switched to product management and product leadership roles. My final project at JetBrains was the leadership of the ML team, where I managed the development and release of the AI Assistant plugin.

I left JetBrains in the end of August 2023, and I'm now studying linguistics. You can read more about how this goes in my blog.

Some of my personal projects include:

  • Etymograph (2023), a playground for representing grammar rules and sound correspondences between languages in machine-analyzable ways;
  • inkdc (2021), an incomplete decompiler for Ink;
  • (2014), a collection of chords and tabs for Russian rock music;
  • Structorian (2009), a flexible viewer for structured binary data;
  • Syndirella (2003), a Windows RSS reader;
  • Infinity Explorer (2000), a data viewer for Infinity Engine-based games.

My Book

I'm one of the authors of Kotlin in Action, an introduction book on Kotlin. As of this writing, the 2nd edition of the book is in the works, but I'm no longer involved in it.

Videos and Interviews

If you're curious to learn more about me, here are some interviews where I talk about myself and my work:

Conference Presentations

I've made a fair amount of conference presentations over the years. Here are some of them:

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